Our Stories

“There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills!”

By Ryan Weston, VP Exploration Early last year, Noront began looking at the potential for gold mineralization in the Ring of Fire. The initial work involved reviewing the area’s geological and geophysical maps, and looking for key structures in the bedrock along which gold may have moved through the Earth’s crust billions of years ago. Continue Reading

What is VMS?

By Geoff Heggie, Senior Geologist Noront’s recently completed exploration program was carried out in the McFaulds Lake area and it targeted Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide deposits otherwise known as VMS. Their discovery sparked curiosity among Noront staff and launched a discussion around how VMS deposits are formed. Continue Reading

Why Does Nickel Come Before Chromite?

By Alan Coutts, President and CEO When people talk about the Ring of Fire, they tend to focus on the rich chromite deposits highlighted by the media. But, the first mine that will be developed in the region will actually be Eagle’s Nest, a nickel deposit with strong concentrations of platinum, palladium and copper. Continue Reading

Noront Visits Waabizheshibaawitig – Marten Falls First Nation

By guest contributor Maria Baxter, CCLO for Marten Falls First Nation In November 2017, a team from Noront Resources visited Marten Falls to meet with community members, Chief and Council, Band Advisor Qasim Saddique and Advisor Lawrence Baxter. The meeting took place at the Henry Coaster Memorial School gym where we all gathered for an update on development in the Ring of Fire from the asin inini ogima (Rock man boss). Continue Reading