We’re Drilling Again!

Cyr Driller Helper

In mid-August Noront started actively drilling for the first time in three and half years. Cyr Drilling is completing the work in a joint venture with Webequie First Nation, providing revenue and high quality job opportunities for community members.

The drill hole itself, is located on a deep geophysical target near our Eagle’s Nest deposit. How deep? Well, consider the CN Tower is 553 metres tall, and our target is 750 metres deep. That’s deep!

We identified this target in Spring 2016 during our ground geophysical
program, and similar to Eagle’s Nest, it is thought to be nickel-copper sulfide. Geophysical surveys help us find favourable rock types and exploration targets, which is important in the
muskeg-covered terrane of the Ring of Fire. Drilling will continue to a depth of 1300 metres, a goal we expect to reach soon. So stay tuned!

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