2017 Exploration

Strategy Session in Toronto

As the saying goes, many minds are better than one. With this in mind, our Exploration Team met with three of the mining industry’s most highly-regarded experts for a special strategy session in Toronto last November.

Over several days, the group examined Noront’s geological and geophysical data to determine the best areas to explore for additional massive sulfide mineralization of nickel-copper-platinum group metals around our Eagle’s Nest and Sanderson properties, and copper-zinc mineralization on our McFauld’s and Butler properties.

The session gave our team an opportunity to hear outside expert opinions about our exploration approach and target areas. By the end of the week, we had laid out our 2017 Field Program which will include active exploration around our Eagle’s Nest, Sanderson and McFauld’s properties.

Great work everyone and here’s to a successful 2017 field season!

Thoughts On "2017 Exploration"

  1. A couple of points – can someone please explain the rationale for drilling more targets when you have no way ( no road) for getting the already drilled resource out for processing / sale
    Weren’t you having issues with the Neskantaga First Nations in terms of drilling without their permission ( I’m thinking of the cease and desist order they issued last August) …. has this been resolved?

    • Now that Noront has consolidated the whole region we can take a more systematic approach to exploration. In the past, many different companies of different skill sets, using different tools, took a more patch work approach. As you might know, the time between a discovery and production can be as much as 10 years and anything we find now will be able to take advantage of infrastructure built in the mean time.

      Another benefit of the exploration program is it allows us to hire and train workers from our local communities. Over the past 18 months, 65% of our Exploration team has been from our neighbouring First Nation communities.

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