Message from Noront President & CEO

Alan Coutts, Noront President & CEO

Alan Coutts, Noront President & CEO

Welcome to Eagle’s Eye, a community newsletter & blog we plan to publish every few months about what’s happening as we make progress developing the Ring of Fire.

We get emails and calls every day from people who want to know “what’s going on?”, so we’re going to fill you in on what’s up, who’s involved and why we are choosing to do certain things. You’ll see employee interviews—beginning in this issue with a profile of Esker Camp Cook and Medic, Norma Achneepineskum—activity and exploration updates, project news and lots of photos.

Everyone who knows Noront understands that we believe in the potential of the Ring of Fire. That’s why we’ve continued to stake claims and acquire companies when others have lost faith or can’t afford to continue. We also understand it is important to local communities that they participate in our project development and share in the benefits. These are some of the reasons we’re proud to have so many local workers.

Developing the Ring of Fire is complicated with First Nations, governments, and industry all wanting to participate and benefit. Eagle’s Eye will attempt to make sense of everything that’s happening and help our stakeholders understand the issues that we all face.

It is vital for us to communicate well and honestly with the people who are important to us—including local community members like you. We look forward to your feedback and questions. To comment, please visit us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @NorontResources, or email

Alan Coutts
Noront President & CEO

Thoughts On "Message from Noront President & CEO"

  1. Good Afternoon Alan
    To say that your project is important hardly begins to describe what it is. I have watched quietly while the Southern mentality dismisses this as unimportant, or too expensive. Meanwhile all of the light manufacturing, metal manufacturing and good jobs have gone away. To see your effots fall upon deaf ears must be a challenge. I think it is about time that a road be started to link all of the James Bay lowlands from some point in Northern Ontario all the way to Churchill. In 1901 the Province of Ontario finally built the T&NO railway to open up The New Ontario. The political will of the day dismissed these people until finally the railway was built. In 1903 suddenly the Cobalt was a game changer. Why does it not seem obvious to the Government of Ontario that The Ring of Fire is history repeating itself?
    I truly hope that your efforts are not in vain and this Golden Horseshoe government will get cracking and open up the North.

    • Thank you for your support, we think the best path forward in the short-term is to marry social and indistrial infrastructure in the form of an all-season road that would serve the Ring of Fire and local communities. This investment by government would kick start the first two, modest scale, mining operations in the region. Longer term (10-15 years) a rail link to the region may be a prudent investment and we have discussed this possibility with the ONR.

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