Employee Profile – Raymond Sofea

Raymond Sofea

Raymond Sofea

Webequie First Nation

Job Position:
Field Assistant

What do you do for Noront?

I’m a Field Assistant. I do trail prep, haul core, and do some line cutting which is steady, hard work… I like that! I’ve also cut drill pads for the Rotary Air Blast program and done digital GPS readings and core cutting with our Geotech, Cory.

What does a typical day look like?

I wake up at 5:30 or 6:00am. I usually have coffee, get my stuff ready and put on my gear for the day. We have our Tool Box (safety) meeting at 7:30am. This is where we talk about what we would do if a certain scenario comes up…like how will you respond if someone gets hurt?

I take tea and my lunch with me because I am out in the bush for the day. We get to where we are working by snowmobile. When we arrive at the Muketei River we radio in to say we are crossing, then call again when we get to the other side. At the end of the day we have a BIG dinner after a hard day’s work!! It has been cold lately and sometimes we make a fire out in the bush to warm up, especially our hands!

What is your favourite part about working at a remote camp?

I took a snowmobile course in January. I’ve also done a chainsaw course. I really like doing courses at site — they’re awesome! I also like being out in the bush. I like the exercise when we are walking. Keeps you healthy. I also like the people that work at Esker, and I really like the food!

You worked at Esker Camp before.  What were you doing and with whom?

In September I was a drill helper with Cyr Drilling. I was at camp for 28 days, and did 12 hour shifts every night. As a drill helper, I handled core, took it out of the drill rods and labelled the boxes. I also operated the manipulator to lift the rods and put them on the rack.

Before that, I was a Field Assistant for Cliffs. I helped their environmentalists with water depth, vegetation, fish and bird surveys and soil sampling. We also did some core measuring to identify whether breaks were a hammer or a natural break.


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