Summer Exploration at McFaulds Lake

Cyr Drilling diamond drill rig

This summer we will begin exploring our McFaulds Lake property for the first time since acquiring it from Cliffs two years ago.

This is particularly exciting as McFaulds Lake hosts several copper-zinc deposits which were part of the initial Ring of Fire discoveries made back in 2002. These deposits were put aside when a large nickel-copper-PGE discovery was made at Eagle’s Nest in 2007, followed by numerous chromite discoveries between 2007 and 2011.  We believe there is more to be found at McFaulds Lake, which is why we’ve spent the last eight months reviewing previous exploration data and generating what we believe are promising targets to follow up this summer.

The work that is planned includes line-cutting and ground geophysical surveying similar to what we’ve done around the Eagle’s Nest deposit. This will be coupled with drilling the extension of mineralization at some of the known deposits (McFaulds 3 and McFaulds 1).

We believe much of the past exploration work focused on “shallow” mineralization (above 300 metres in depth) and expect to find greater concentrations of copper-zinc waiting below!

We will also be sampling soil on the Pinay target at our Sanderson property, and some field mapping in Area 7 where we believe there may be outcropping bedrock of interest.

Stay tuned for more to come as we continue the search for mineral deposits in the Ring of Fire!

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