What It’s Like to Work at a Remote Camp

Cory carrying core with Esker Camp tents in the background

By Cory Exell, Geological Technician

Ever wondered what it would be like to work at a remote exploration camp? As a geological technician at Noront’s Esker Camp I can tell you….it’s hard work, but camp life is great.

We typically fly in and out of camp for two-week shifts. An average day is about 10 hours. Esker Camp is a series of small wooden buildings, tents and boardwalks. Even the kitchen is in a tent. We also have a Rec Room with a TV and a Fitness Tent.

Amazing cooks prepare our meals every day. Friday steak night seems to be everyone’s favourite! Personally, I love the variety of baking we get. It’s also great to see all the wildlife. We have groundhogs, moose and martens around camp and saw a small family of foxes grow from pups this year. We also have the occasional caribou spotting during our flights.

Meeting new people from all over the province is another benefit. I try to meet up with work friends during my time off for coffee or a beer. I’ve become close to a few of the guys and feel lucky to call them friends, and not just co-workers.

I’m always excited for the trip home at the end of a shift. I love filling in my family on how I spent my time away.

I truly enjoy being at Esker Camp—you see a completely different side of things compared to being at home. It’s a great experience and one that I highly recommend!

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