Employee Profile- Valerie Shewaybick

Valerie Shewaybick

Webequie First Nation

Job Position:
Kitchen Helper


What I Do.

As Kitchen Helper, my job includes preparing snacks, baking, washing dishes after meals and sometimes helping the cook prepare lunch or supper.

I’ve learned a lot of new things working with our cooks, Barb and Norma. Like how to make lemon lasagna, which I make now all the time. I watch the cooks prepare meals, that way I can fill in if there’s an emergency—since they are also camp medics.

I really enjoy baking. I make a variety of cookies, strawberry cream cheese cake and pies—like coconut and chocolate cream. People really enjoy their food up here, so it’s great to be the one to make it for them.

My Typical Day.

I get up at 5:45am, shower and go to the kitchen.  At 7:30am we have our safety toolbox meeting and go over the First Responder and emergency procedures. We also hear what the Field Team is doing that day and talk about what they can do to stay safe—like how to prevent fires in summer.

Then I go back to the kitchen and wash the breakfast dishes. After that, I check the fridges around camp to see what needs to be stocked and whether we have enough vegetables in the kitchen. If needed, I get supplies from dry storage and the freezer room. Sometimes I bake after that.

I take a break about 3pm and go to the rec room where I watch TV, chat online with friends back home or take a nap. At 5 pm, I go back to the kitchen, refill supplies and ensure the juice and water containers are full.

After the workers finish their dinner, I eat, wash the dishes and every second day I sweep and mop the floor, tables and shelves. Then I take a shower and head to bed after a long hot day at Esker!

What do you do on your days off?

On days off, I spend time with friends and family and watch my favourite shows, like Chicago Fire. I also do beading for the mitts and slippers the ladies in our community make. People buy my bead work. Sometimes I have cookouts and get togethers with friends…as a cook…I’m an important person at the cookouts.

Which RoFATA program did you do?

I went to Neskantaga First Nation for seven weeks of Kitchen Helper training. We learned cooking, baking, knife skills and how to use an oven and stove top burner. I had never been away from Webequie for that long, so it got me ready for the two weeks in and two weeks out schedule at camp! I liked what I did and what I learned. I didn’t think I would be able to work…but I am working now!

What would you like your future career to look like at Noront?

I love working in the kitchen and would like to continue doing that!

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