Ministers Visit to Esker Camp

In early October, Marten Falls, Webequie and Noront co-hosted a site visit to Esker Camp for MPPs who represent key portfolios related to mining and indigenous relations: Minster Michael Gravelle, Minister David Zimmer and Minister Bill Mauro.

Chief Bruce Achneepineskum and Chief Cornelius Wabasse welcomed the Ministers upon arrival, representing the traditional landholders of the area.

Ministers stand on the Eagle’s Nest deposit which reaches depths of 1,600 metres

The purpose of the visit was to provide a glimpse of what the future of the Ring of Fire would look like, showcasing the on-going cooperation between industry and the communities. The visitors saw the close collaboration between workers on the site including that over half of the employees are local First Nation men and women. Understanding and respecting each other’s culture and working in harmony with the environment was emphasized at a welcoming ceremony performed by elder Roy Spence.

The tour included a visit to the core shack where the group viewed a sample from our most recent McFaulds discovery, followed by a helicopter flight over Eagle’s Nest, Black Thor and McFaulds Lake. A highlight of the visit was when the group stood on top of Eagle’s Nest, with the deposit reaching to depths of 1,600 metres directly beneath them. Another highlight was the opportunity for Esker employees to meet with the Chiefs prior to the arrival of the Ministers where they shared what it was like for them to work at a remote exploration camp.

Noront intends to build mines in a manner that is inclusive, respectful and in harmony with the local surroundings. We want to see that benefits from our activities contribute to the well-being and prosperity of the local communities. Tours like this one help emphasize and illustrate that we are well on our way to achieving this goal.

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