Target Zero

By Mike Desilets, Project Manager

Noront’s goal is for everyone to return home from work ‘safe and well’ to their families and loved ones. To accomplish this, we are aiming for zero incidents.

Matt Deller, Project Geologist, leading a daily health and safety toolbox meeting at Esker Camp

It is VERY important that we build trust and support for one another at site, so we can work safely. Noront is committed to providing training, leadership and supervision and to teaching our workers to “Think Safety”. Each day starts with a safety topic, each job starts with a risk assessment and a plan to do the work safely. All of our employees and contractors are encouraged to report hazards or non-desirable events where someone could have been injured, property may have been damaged, or the environment may have been negatively impacted.

Beginning in January 2018, we launched a program for employees and contractors to reinforce the importance of thinking about and working safely. Everyone who submits a hazard observation (HO) will be eligible to enter a monthly prize draw.

In addition, we will recognize one person each month for performing an ‘act of safety’. Workers will be encouraged to fill out an ‘act of safety’ card about a fellow worker performing a task they see being performed safely, recording/rectifying a significant hazard or showing overall safety leadership at camp. The recipient will be determined by the Camp Manager and Field Supervisors.
The monthly winners will receive a prize and be recognized on our Facebook page. Keep an eye out to help us celebrate them!

Remember the slogan “I’ve Got Your Back”…it goes a long way toward showing what we can do to help one another.