Wow! Time Flies When You Work at Noront

By Matt Downey, Manager, Lands and Data

I started working for Noront as a Geologist and Data Manager in 2008 shortly after the initial discovery of Eagle’s Nest, and right around the time of the Blackbird chromite discovery.

Matt (pictured third from left) during a visit to camp in his early days working at Noront

Although it was only 10 years ago, this makes me the longest serving Noront employee.

I’m proud to have taken part in the major exploration projects and mineral discoveries, the development of Eagle’s Nest—from early exploration to feasibility to permitting, and the acquisition of Cliffs Natural Resources. Aside from being on the geological team, I manage Noront’s exploration data and mining claims, two important areas for a mining exploration company.

I’ve seen the Ring of Fire rise from the 2008-2009 staking rush, when dozens of companies held hundreds of claims, to present day with Noront as the major player holding the majority of claims and all major deposits.

Why have I stayed for so long? That’s easy… the people. I’ve been part of a few different teams over the years, but we’ve shared the common goal of developing Ontario’s first major new mining camp in decades in a socially- and environmentally-responsible manner. I’ve been very lucky to work with fantastic people along the way. We have the same ideals, which I suppose is part of what drew us to Noront in the first place. I look forward to being on the team for years to come. Here’s to our ongoing success!

“Congratulations Matt, on being our first employee to reach the 10-year milestone. You are an asset to our team and a pleasure to work alongside as we seek to advance our goals in the Ring of Fire.”

– Alan Coutts, President & CEO, Noront Resources

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  1. Congrats Matt. Super proud of your commitment to Noront as a Geoligist and Data Manager.
    You deserve recognition for a job well done.

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