Employee Profile – Dixon Wapoose



Job Position:

Tell us about your experience working for Noront.

I’ve only been with Noront since January 2018, but I’ve had 3 roles and learned a lot in that time. First I was a field assistant, cutting a winter access trail. Then I assisted in the kitchen as a cook’s helper and I currently work as a geophysical field assistant.

Your roles have all been very different, what was the training like?

Each job taught me different skills. In the kitchen I learned how to make cookies and chili, and how to prepare salads. In the field, I learned how to work safely around a chainsaw and techniques for crossing small creeks with a snow mobile. The last rotation I learned how to understand the geophysics process, read the receivers, how to run the equipment and how magnetic coils work.

What is a typical day for you?

I’m up at 6am and start the day by packing lunch and gear for the field. I head to breakfast—the most important meal of the day and attend a daily safety meeting.

In the warm months, I join the field team on the helicopter which takes us to the geophysical transmitter site where we set up cable links between the generator and voltage regulator, sync the receivers with coils, and head out to cut lines that need to be surveyed.

The days can be hot and humid as the sun gets higher. We usually take a short lunch break and keep moving. At the end of the day we walk back to the geophysical transmitter site and prepare the equipment for the next day, fueling the generator and coiling up cables.

When we’re done, we radio for the helicopter to take us back to Esker Camp where we relax and get caught up on laundry. We eat supper, socialize for a bit, and talk about how our days went. Then we go to sleep so we’re ready for the next day.

What’s your favourite part about working at a remote camp?

Walking in the bush. I live on a small island that only has trees at the north and south ends. I also enjoy the meals that the cooks prepare for us at the end of each day.

How do you see your future as Noront transitions into an operating mine?

I would like to be certified to work at the mine, operate heavy equipment and drive on the surface.

What do you do on your days off?

Back home I spend time with family, especially my little boy and my dog, Eddie. I enjoy playing poker, heading out on the land and going fishing with relatives.

Can you tell us something you always bring with you to work?

I bring two pillows and a blanket, an ipod for music and communicating with family and friends and I always bring a picture of my son with me.

I would like to thank Noront for the opportunities I’ve had this year. And thanks to Kaitlyn Ferris for the opportunity to work and get my foot in the door.