Who Visits Esker Camp?

By Alan Coutts, President and CEO

Marten Falls and Webequie Community Members during a Camp visit in August

Noront hosts 15-20 site visits in a typical year, some just one day others for several weeks.  So, just who is visiting our camp in the heart of the Ring of Fire?

Elders from Marten Falls and Webequie are one important group. They often stay overnight to provide time for them to see all they’d like and to meet with members of their communities who work at site. The elders are an influential group and we want them to take an informed and positive view of our
activities back to their communities.

Occasionally, we bring dignitaries to site and ask local Chiefs to host them with us. When we do this, Chief Bruce and Chief Cornelius welcome our guests to their traditional lands and share their views on development and their relationship with Noront. This was the case when the Chiefs greeted three provincial Ministers this past year.

Longer visits are typically for geological students who make Esker Camp home their away from home while completing Ring of Fire research under the tutelage of Laurentian University’s Dr. Mike Lesher. And, as the only operational camp in the region, most summers we host working field teams from the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Finally, at the beginning of each of our field work seasons, community members, elders and Noront staff are invited to participate in a drumming ceremony. These comings and goings are enjoyable and keep camp interesting for all.