Closing Down Esker in 21 Days

By Mike Desilets, Site & Project Manager When the team at Esker Site was tasked with shutting down our remote camp in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our first activity was to put together a comprehensive closure plan. Our goal was to safely complete the winterization and closure, and transport everyone home safely to their families. Continue Reading

Supporting Each Other During COVID-19

Shortly after the onset of COVID-19, Noront decided to close Esker Site to reduce the risk of community spread as two thirds of our workforce are from remote local First Nation communities. While taking the steps necessary for an orderly closure, our site staff realized we had unused N95 masks and gloves and the kitchen was full of food which would attract animals if left behind. Continue Reading

Ring of Fire Infrastructure Development

By Alan Coutts, President & CEO The permitting and construction of all-season roads and associated infrastructure into the Ring of Fire is the key enabler to the development of this emerging mineral district and for remote First Nation communities in the region. Continue Reading

Blackbird Chromite Geology Update

By Matt Deller, Senior Geologist The Eagle’s Nest nickel-copper-platinum group metals deposit will be the first mine developed in the Ring of Fire. But soon after, Noront will start ore production from its Blackbird chromite deposit located less than a kilometer away.  For this reason, Noront’s geologists are taking another detailed look at all the information related to Blackbird. Continue Reading

What’s a Cross Shift?

By Geological Technicians Rob Lyght and Roydon Spence At Esker Site work is scheduled on a two-week rotating basis and cross shifts are used to keep duties and work moving forward. A cross shift is a type of schedule where two workers carry out the same or similar work passing tasks to a partner when they go home, on vacation or on break. Continue Reading

Critical Mineral Collaboration

By Alan Coutts, President and CEO In January, Canada and the U.S. announced the Joint Action Plan on Critical Minerals Collaboration, an agreement that aims to increase production and secure supply chains for minerals that are critical to strategic industries like defence, aerospace and communications. Continue Reading

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

by Bob Carreau, Advisor, Corporate Sustainability Bob Carreau is an Environmental Scientist with 40 years of experience in the mining industry. He came out of a very active retirement to join Noront as a sustainability advisor. We asked him why and what attracted him to Noront. Continue Reading

Esker Site Upgrades

By Mike Desilets, Site and Project Manager Esker Site has been bustling this year with maintenance activity and upgrades to some of our primary assets. Improvements include: Logs starting to rot on the boardwalks and railings around site were replaced Continue Reading