Employee Profile – Wayne Suganaqueb

Wayne Suganaqueb

Webequie First Nation

Job Position:
Driller with Cyr Drilling


What do you do?

I work at Cyr Drilling as a Diamond/RC (Reverse Circulation) Driller and Driller Assistant. I’m also a Millwright and a Type 1 & 2 Underground Miner. My job includes working with the foremen on program start-ups because I know how to put a drill rig together and being a driller assistant when programs are operating.

Have you worked for Noront?

Yes, I was a field assistant when I had time off from drilling. I’ve always enjoyed working at Esker Camp, being around people I know and working close to my hometown of Webequie.

How did you become a driller/miner?

I started as a dish washer/cook’s help. Long story short, Noront’s Camp Manager, Ralph MacNally, helped me get into the Diamond Driller Assistant Common Core course offered by the Ontario Ministry of Colleges. That got me where I am, and I’m grateful for his help to this day.

I went to Northern College in Kirkland Lake for my Surface Diamond Driller Assistant Common Core course. I learned basic drilling methods and had work placements which got me started in mining. Then, I had an opportunity to do Reverse Circulation Drilling in Quebec and Northern Labrador. I started out as a helper and was promoted to a driller a few months later. After that I got the chance to do an underground common core course offered by the Ontario Ministry and that led to me working as a Type 1 & 2 miner at Vale Mines.

What does a typical day look like in your current job?

We start with tool box meetings and a list of assigned tasks. I do pre-operational checks, standard checks and quality control on all equipment from oil checks to electrical starts. We have to do fuel and core handling as well as sling and de-mob the drilling equipment. We also maintain quality control on all core drilled and processed at the core shack. It’s hard work to maintain a good drilling program.

What do you want to share with people about your career?

I would encourage anyone to get in the drilling field through the mining programs offered. There are advancements (even traveling if you want to explore the world). I have gone to many places and experienced different cultures at many levels. I’ve have been to the east and west coasts of Canada exploring both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. There is endless learning in the mining industry and many opportunities to explore.

What has been the highlight of your job? 

I would say traveling and being able to run my own drilling rig. I also enjoy meeting new people and exploring various mining companies that offer different types of employment in the industry.

What do you always take to work with you? 

I take all the personal protective equipment needed to perform my daily duties in a safe manner. Safety is number one in this line of work, as there are many hazards but if maintained properly, all is avoided. So, with that, I enjoyed telling my experiences and my career successes. Meegwetch!!


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  1. The Sanderson property consists of 70 claims located 40km northeast of Eagle’s Nest. Noront acquired a 75% interest in the property from MacDonald Mines in 2016. It hosts one of the largest layered ferrogabbro sills in the ROF known as the ‘Big Mac’ intrusion (Figure 1). Past exploration focused on potential VMS mineralization in the hangingwall to Big Mac and magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE and chromite mineralization within the intrusion itself. To date no significant deposits have been identified on the property, however there is a significant magnetic anomaly (the Pinay target) in the footwall to the Big Mac intrusion which has never been tested and which Noront believes represents a large ultramafic intrusion similar in scale to the Black Thor Intrusive Complex (BTIC). Should our assumption prove correct, the Pinay target would represent the largest untested ultramafic intrusion in the ROF a high priority target for Ni-Cu-PGE exploration.

    So….Mr. Coutts…..When are you going to start drilling at the Pinay target? Since your focus right now is obviously on nickel / PGMs, and not chromite, I would think this would be both a priority, and a curiosity for the company.

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