New: Online Claim Staking in Ontario

By Matt Downey, Manager, Lands and Data

Marking a traditional claim post in the field

Technology is having an impact everywhere and the mining industry is no exception. April 2018 marked the introduction of a new online map staking system in Ontario.

This is a move away from the time-honoured practice of ground staking, which came to an official end on January 8, 2018. Map staking has been debated for more than a decade in Ontario, and has been implemented in several other Canadian jurisdictions, which makes Ontario one of the last to implement the practice.

The new process has many positives including:

1) reducing claim staking costs by at least two-thirds

2) decreasing logistics requirements for ground staking

3) lessening environmental disturbance

4) eliminating geographical positioning inaccuracies involving ground claims which will reduce or eliminate conflicts with other mineral exploration parties

5) reducing conflicts with private land owners and First Nation communities

While the change eliminates the traditional ground claim staker role, prospecting remains a necessary first step in the mineral exploration process. Those who know the land still have much to offer the mineral exploration industry, including, to name a few, the traditional roles of prospecting and line-cutting. It is hoped that traditional ground claim stakers will carve themselves a new path as the industry moves forward in the digital age. We are very excited about this move and it is great to see Ontario mining practices modernize in a way that will simplify one of our core processes.