Mentorship at Esker

By Lyndon Wabasse, Camp Support

Lyndon Wabasse learning how to safely haul fuel in a photo taken by geotech and mentor Rob Lyght

In January 2018 I got a short contract as a field assistant then I moved into a camp support job when that opened up in March.

I am so happy and excited I started at Esker! The first thing I did was get to know the camp and people. I never thought of working here at all and now I’m doing so many tasks and being responsible for safe practices.

It’s really exciting. I’ve been mentored by pretty much everyone who is a full timer. They are simply the best in my life now! I’m glad they did that and I’m going to do the same with new workers.

The people who work here taught me everything about camp. I learned about some of the work at Esker from my contract on the field side. That taught me line-cutting and how to make grids and drill pads (which is where the drill sits). Doing camp support taught me about basic stuff we do everyday to keep the camp running…like fueling, fixing things, cleaning things we use everyday like showers and toilets, cutting grass, shoveling snow off the boardwalks, and around the dry area and rec room. I also learned how to do important jobs like fuel hauling and slinging…etc. All good stuff!

When I teach others, I will start with safety. The knowledge I have now about safety is amazing. We always write-up our tasks and put the unsafe things we see in the hazard observation notebook. You have to listen closely and pay attention. We just want everyone to be safe here and to go home to their loving family and friends!