How do I get a Job at Esker Camp?

By Stephen Sagutch, Camp Support

Aroland’s Stephen Sagutch on his first rotation at Esker Camp

A lot of great employee stories have been shared in Eagle’s Eye. For those interested in working at Noront, here’s how I got hired and some tips about what to do if you’d like to work here.

When I heard there was going to be mining development in the Ring of Fire, I saw it as an opportunity. I’m from the Aroland First Nation Band, so I applied to Nishnawabe Education and Training (NEAT), a KKETS program in Thunder Bay that trains Matawa First Nation Community Members. That is where I got all the certifications needed to apply for work in the mining industry.

After speaking with Wilma Baxter (Kitchen Helper) about her experiences working at Esker Camp, I sent my resume to Noront numerous times to show that I was determined about seeking employment. I met with Ryan Weston (VP Exploration), talked to Kaitlyn Ferris (Human Resources) and lo and behold…I was given an opportunity! I started as Camp Support, and some jobs were tough, but I liked that we were helping Noront become a great company. I’m very proud to be a Noront employee.

Tips for getting a job at Esker Camp:

  • Talk to someone about the jobs that are available.
  • Attend a Career Fair to learn more.
  • Take advantage of local training (KKETS’ NEAT programs, community-based training).
  • Put together a resume.
  • Include copies of your training certificates.
  • Apply online or give your local Employment Coordinator your resume to fax or email.
  • Be persistent!

For any questions regarding employment, call Kaitlyn Ferris at 807 632 8103.