Digging Deeper: The True Value of Training

By Roydon Spence, Geological Technician

My first job with Noront was assisting with the major core haul program at McFauld’s Lake in 2014. Since then I’ve taken on other roles and contracts, and I now work as a geological technician at Esker Site where I help the geologists and work with core.

Roydon (back centre) underground during training

I recently completed KKETS’ Surface and Underground Diamond Driller Assistant Common Core certification at the Norcat training facility in Sudbury. I took this program to better myself so I can continue to grow, increase my skills and build my confidence at work.  The training taught me about workplace safety, protecting the environment, performance efficiency, proper procedures, improving communication skills and working within a team—which are all facets of the driller assistant job.

My favourite part of the course was the practical portion where we applied what we learned—like operating rod handlers in an underground mine and rigging, hoisting, recovering and handling core. At times, it was challenging to sit for long hours in a classroom as I prefer hands on work, which is more rewarding to me. But it was more than worth it because I learned new skills that I can use in the mining sector.

Being away from family and friends for an extended period of time was also difficult, but life is all about becoming the best you can be and you can’t move forward or grow if you’re not willing to be in uncomfortable situations.

Overall, I believe training is important for many reasons. It helps us recognize safety hazards and correct them, improves our performance at work and helps us do our job to the best of our abilities. I encourage everyone in the Matawa communities to take advantage of the training offered through KKETS.

For more information on KKETS training programs, visit www.kkets.ca or contact Jason Bilcowski at jbilcowski@matawa.on.ca

Roydon emptying a core tube with tube wrenches

Photo Credit: Taken by NORCAT


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