Esker Site Upgrades

By Mike Desilets, Site and Project Manager

Esker Site has been bustling this year with maintenance activity and upgrades to some of our primary assets.

Brandyn working on the boardwalk

Improvements include:

  • Logs starting to rot on the boardwalks and railings around site were replaced
  • We re-organized and improved our stores inventory and maintenance systems to make them more efficient
  • We replaced the primary diesel generator with a more efficient model
  • We also replaced the site incinerator with a model that has better fuel controls, eliminates emissions and reduces fuel consumption
  • We added a floating dock on the ice at Koper Lake to provide more efficient, safer docking and unloading for float planes during the summer
  • Our wifi range was extended to better allow workers to connect with friends and family at home
  • A fitness centre was created so employees, contractors and visitors can work on their personal fitness and health while at site

These improvements will help us maintain a safe and reliable site, and were completed in support of the three pillars of wellness at Esker which include:

  1. Fitness
  2. Nutrition
  3. Sleep and rest

and, to improve the overall fly in/fly out experience for our workers, contractors and visitors.

Completed boardwalk