Lyndon Wabasse – Persistence is Key!

Lyndon Wabasse

Webequie First Nation

Job Position:
Site Support


What do you do at Noront? 

My job is to help maintain the site. I clean the floors, bathrooms, compost areas, laundry area and help with activities like fueling the generator.

What does your typical day look like?

My workday lasts about 10 hours and starts with a safety toolbox meeting where we talk about our daily tasks. During my downtime, I like to explore camp, exercise (especially weights and biking), use the sauna and finish the day with a nice shower.

What do you like best about your job?

I enjoy cleaning and mopping the floor, it’s fun!  My shift partner, Dave Ritch, teaches me new tasks. I like working with him and appreciate his help. Recently, I hauled big timbers that were used to rebuild the boardwalk. That was a cool experience!

This isn’t your first time working for Noront. What did you do to get on fulltime? What brought you back?

My first two-week contract was in winter 2018. After that I was hooked. I enjoyed the work and Esker. I knew the rotation schedule and would call or message Kaitlyn early Wednesday mornings to see if anyone missed the shuttle and if they needed someone as a back up.

I was always ready to work either in the field or at camp! Then I followed up with Kaitlyn to see if there were any longer contract jobs and was eventually offered fulltime. I wanted to come back because I like working and learning new things. Be persistent!

Is there anything you’d like to share about your career?

As many people know, the food at camp is amazing. My personal favourites are the cookies, cheesecake and steak night! The two weeks on/two weeks off schedule gives me enough time off to do activities in my community, see my family and prepare to go back to work. On my last break, I went boating and on a moose hunt!

What is something you always bring to work?

Three sets of clothing, toiletries and of course my phone for music (Nirvana is my current favourite) and to stay in touch with friends and family.

How do you see your future as Noront transitions into an operating mine?

I’d like to work in maintenance or heavy equipment (after attending training). I want to continue learning and grow into roles as the industry evolves.

Thoughts On "Lyndon Wabasse – Persistence is Key!"

  1. Lyndon it is a pleasure to have you working at Esker on Team Noront. You are a safe and productive worker and eager to learn from Bubba. I enjoy having meal time dialogues with you and share your dream of a Leafs Stanley cup win this season! Go Leafs Go!
    See you next rotation. Enjoy your time off.
    Meegwetch. Cheers

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