Curtis Coaster – Looping and Learning

Curtis Coaster

Marten Falls First Nation

Job Position:
Field Assistant

What do you do at Noront? 

I’m a Field Assistant, which is a job that changes depending on the current mining exploration program. The work I do may include line cutting, soil sampling, drill support, conducting geological surveys or providing support for geophysics and geo-tech activity.

What does your typical day look like?

Every day starts off with a morning tool box and meeting with the geologist where we talk about the daily plan. Then it’s off to the field where the work varies. In summer we’re transported by helicopter and in winter we use skidoos to get around. On geophysics days we head to the field and lay loops which I carry on a wire spool on my back. We walk through the bush, usually for 2-3 kilometres until the loop is complete. Some loops are bigger, others are smaller. When that’s done, we set up a transmitting station and I help with reading stations down the grid lines off the loop. The lines are read with a receiver and coil. The purpose is to look for anomalies for potential mineral targets. When we hit our daily production quota, we radio our supervisor for a lift back to site. We end the day the same way we started, by meeting with the geologist.

What do you like best about your job?

Most of the time I’m working in the bush, which I really enjoy. Something about the fresh air brings me peace.

Is there anything you’d like to share about your career?

Although my work is physically demanding, the days go by really fast. Also, flying in helicopters and planes is fun, and results we get make the hard work rewarding.

What is something you always bring to work?

I ways bring an open mind and willingness to learn. I also bring different types of gear like jackets, boots and safety gloves because the weather changes frequently.

How do you see your future as Noront transitions into an operating mine?

I plan on going back to school in the near future to take an environmental or mining Program. I really hope to be a mine supervisor one day!

What is your favourite experience at Esker Camp?

One of the things I love about Esker is the family that’s been established there. Every night at supper we all sit together telling stories and sharing laughs. It’s such a great time.

How has working at Noront shaped your plans for the next year, five years, ten years?

Working at Noront has helped me see how important and valuable learning and education are. My plan for the future is to keep learning, because the more education I receive, the more I can keep expanding what I know and what I do.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I’ve learned a lot over the years  and I’ve gained so much experience at Noront. I’d just like to express my thanks for the opportunity to learn and grow.