Closing Down Esker in 21 Days

By Mike Desilets, Site & Project Manager

When the team at Esker Site was tasked with shutting down our remote camp in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our first activity was to put together a comprehensive closure plan.

Our goal was to safely complete the winterization and closure, and transport everyone home safely to their families. To accomplish this, we made sure our plan included steps that would 1) ensure the safety of our employees and First Nations partners; 2) secure our site; 3) provide environmental stewardship; and 4) protect and preserve the company’s assets.

With the help of our crew and helicopter demobilization, we completed the necessary work in just 21 LONG days—seven days earlier than planned!

Some of the Esker Site closure team

What did we have to do? Everything from clean and secure the 60 buildings on-site, park and complete maintenance on our heavy and mobile equipment and winterize the water treatment plant and plumbing systems. We also removed all garbage and waste oil from site and secured the remaining fuel in berms.

We worked together to package over 1,000 kg of stored dry and frozen food and donated it to local initiatives assisting those in need.

Thank you and a big congrats to our Esker Site crews on their incredible teamwork and commitment to ensuring the job was done safety, efficiently and effectively. Stay safe everyone!